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Inflation has soared to 40-year highs due to the reckless policies in Washington. In North Carolina, we have chosen a different path. Our common-sense tax and spending reforms have led to budget surpluses that we return to you, the taxpayer.

  • Our economic reforms have made us the envy of the country as we outpace the nation in job creation.

  • We have lowered the personal income and corporate tax rates.​​

  • We eliminated outdated and duplicative regulations to bring businesses to North Carolina and encourage business and job creation here at home.

  • We made the first $25,500 of your income completely tax free.

  • Although our unemployment rate is low, far too many people have dropped out of the labor force due to the pandemic. We need creative solutions to bring workers back into the labor force to fill the many open jobs.

  • I am also passionate about expanding employment opportunities for adults with disabilities because I believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed.

  • We must work with all levels of our education system (early childhood, K-12, Community College and University System) to make sure we equip all North Carolinians with the tools and training to succeed in our 21st century economy.

  • The film industry is a vital part of our local economy in New Hanover County for the investment it brings and the jobs it creates. I have led the fight to increase our film incentives and have tripled the incentive fund and made it permanent to attract more film and TV productions to our area. We can see from the last two years that the film industry is back in Southeastern NC, and I will continue the work to make Wilmington the best place to film in the country.

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