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NC outpaces the nation in job creation

Inflation has soared to 40-year highs due to the reckless policies in Washington. In North Carolina, we have chosen a different path. Our common-sense tax and spending reforms have led to budget surpluses that we return to you, the taxpayer.

  • Personal and corporate income tax cuts

  • Well educated and trained labor force

  • Employment opportunities for people with disabilities

  • School to work transition

  • Film incentives


Resources and innovation

As Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, I have worked hard to make sure that every child has access to a quality education. I want our education system to be the strongest in the country and that starts with excellent teachers. While we have made great progress, there is still much more work to do.

  • Education funding increases

  • Renewal school districts

  • Teacher control

  • Teacher raises

  • Student mental health crisis

  • Parent involvement

  • School Choice

Raising Hands
Feet in Water


Clean water, carbon emissions, and stormwater

Clean water and the environment are very important issues to our coastal community. I have worked hard to make North Carolina a leader in tackling PFAS.

  • Water Safety Act (2018,2021 and 2023)

  • Carbon neutral by 2050

  • Beach renourishment 


  • Abortion

  • Redistricting

  • Medical Cannabis

Parents with Newborn Baby
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