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As a Budget Chairman in the NC Senate, I am able to effectively advocate for our area to make sure we are funding local projects, investing in our infrastructure, expanding the capacity and capabilities of our higher education institutions, and supporting our local nonprofits that do incredible work in our community.

Since 2018, we have made great strides in our efforts to mitigate PFAS in our drinking water and to find a solution to remove PFAS from our water and destroy these forever chemicals. 

We have invested more money in our schools, empowered parents to be more involved in their children’s education and given every family in the state the option of school choice regardless of their income. 

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Most North Carolinians share a deep concern that our country is not moving in the right direction, with families across America finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. These challenges are fueled by misguided policies emanating from Washington, DC. 


North Carolina has chosen a different path. By implementing common-sense tax and spending reforms and streamlining government, we've been able to reduce unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles and get government out of the way. Our policies have led to lower taxes, economic growth, and job creation, resulting in significant budget surpluses that we invest in our schools, infrastructure, and people.


As Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, I am deeply committed to ensuring every child receives a high-quality education. Under my leadership, we have successfully secured multi-billion dollar increases in education funding. We have expanded school choice to every family, ensuring parents can choose the best educational paths for their children. We have also achieved substantial raises in teacher salaries, recognizing and valuing the crucial role teachers play in our children's future. Furthermore, we have revolutionized our literacy programs, implementing cutting-edge curricula to enhance reading skills from an early age. Together, we are building a stronger, more educated future.

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I have been deeply committed to addressing the critical challenges posed by the contamination of our drinking water. The discovery of GenX in the Cape Fear River—a vital source of drinking water for our community—was a wake-up call for the people of New Hanover County. I introduced the Water Safety Act of 2018 not just as a reactive measure, but as a step toward establishing a comprehensive framework for monitoring and removing harmful emerging contaminants like PFAS from our water supplies.

Clean water is a fundamental human right, and ensuring its provision is central to my mission as your senator. Through successive legislative actions, including the Water Safety Acts of 2021 and 2023, we have bolstered our state's capabilities to research, monitor, and tackle these pollutants head-on. By mobilizing state resources, enhancing scientific research, and implementing cutting-edge technologies, we are setting a national and global standard for environmental stewardship and public health protection. 


Last year, we launched NC Health Works, expanding Medicaid coverage to adults aged 18-64 with incomes up to 133% of the federal poverty level. This expansion provides hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians with much-needed healthcare access, responsibly funded by hospital assessments to avoid additional financial burdens on taxpayers. We are also empowering Medicaid recipients through workforce development programs, helping individuals gain the skills needed to enter the workforce and achieve economic independence.

In addition, we passed the Care for Women, Children, and Families Act, which updates abortion laws to allow procedures under specific conditions and enhances safety regulations. The act also improves maternal and infant health, supports state employees with paid parental leave, and strengthens child welfare. Significant funding has been allocated to improve childcare affordability, protect against sexual and domestic violence, and construct the UNC Children’s Behavioral Health Hospital. Furthermore, I sponsored the NC Compassionate Care Act, advocating for the legalization of medical cannabis for those with debilitating medical conditions.

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