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Really Working for Education in NC

As you know, last week was Teacher Appreciation Week in North Carolina.  A lot of politicians did a quick social media drive-by last week to say they support our teachers. They posted stock photos of apples and said something that sounds good – like, “I Stand with Teachers!” -- before disappearing again until their next opportunity for free publicity.

Here’s the thing – everyone stands with teachers! We all do, and we all should! But when it comes to your political representatives, you should expect more than just standing around!

You deserve a State Senator who goes to work every day for education in North Carolina!

(Learn about Michael's Renewal School System legislation -- one of the innovative ways that Michael Lee has supported public educators in North Carolina -- below!)


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Education is at the heart of everything I have done in my life as a public servant. I have always focused on listening to the experts, and turning the best ideas into the best legislation possible for education in North Carolina.   When I was in the State Senate, I worked hard for public education in North Carolina, every day, and when you vote to send me back to the State Senate in November, I will get right back to work.

But, don’t just take my word for it! Take the word of Dr. Lynn Moody, Superintendent for Rowan-Salisbury School System. In a recent interview with Education Reimagined, Dr. Moody described the first time we met, and how I did something in that meeting that no elected official had done before:

I listened to her! Then, I rolled up my sleeves and turned Dr. Moody's great idea into legislative action.

Our efforts introduced a one-of-a-kind school system structure in North Carolina, the Renewal School System, which “[p]ermits the local board of education to decide all matters related to the operation of the schools under its control ... to design and create a comprehensive, innovative strategic vision for sustainable school improvement and student achievement through the delivery of instruction and resources tailored to the needs of the students and the community.”  

Now our Renewal School System is drawing attention and receiving national honors from the School Superintendents Association.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Moody's Interview with Education Reimagined:

Interview Excerpt Dr. Lynn Moody, Superintendent of Rowan-Salisbury Schools:
"About 18 months ago, I was sitting next to State Senator Michael Lee who was co-chairing a finance committee for education with Representative Craig Horn. He was exploring how the state could go about simplifying the allocation of finances to school districts[.]"
"So, as I’ve done many times in the past with other elected officials, I told him that, as a Superintendent, if our district had total control and flexibility over how we could allocate our budget, then we could really transform education in our community. I’ve never had anyone take me up on this before, but Senator Lee asked, “Do you really think you could do that?”
"Shortly after that, Senator Lee presented [an amendment to] House Bill 986 to the education committee. Midway through the bill, you’ll find “Part VI: Renewal School System” where it lays out the opportunity for Renewal School Systems in North Carolina."
"The bill was quickly approved by the education committee and was sent to the Senate and House floors the next day. The bill was approved by a large majority. I couldn’t believe it. Now, as you mentioned and as far as I know, we’re the first renewal school district in the country."

Click here if you want to read the full interview with Dr. Moody: EDUCATION REIMAGINED

Click here if you want to make an online donation: ONLINE DONATION

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