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We Need a Jobs Champion!

Unemployment claims in North Carolina have increased over 5,000% during the Coronavirus pandemic, and North Carolina has lost more jobs in the past two months than we lost during all of 2009, according to a recent ABC 11 News Report.

We need a strong leader to respond to this historic crisis and help our citizens get back on their feetwe need a Jobs Champion!


In 2018, the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce chose then-State Senator Michael Lee as a North Carolina Jobs Champion.


While serving in the NC Senate, Michael Lee was declared a Jobs Champion by the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce, for his dedication and ability to create jobs in our State. Michael's experience will lead to our success in conquering the current employment crisis. If you want to help create jobs in North Carolina, your first job should be to elect Michael Lee in November!


Paid for by the Committee to Elect Michael Lee


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